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Fully booked for Term 3 2023

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BCM Studio
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Classes on Offer

All classes are private and cater to beginner & intermediate levels, HSC tutoring, AMEB exams and a helping hand in  music homeschooling. 

Piano Tutoring

Vocal Tutoring

Piano and Vocal Tutoring

These classes will focus not only on the practical side of piano, but also on essential music theory. The students will learn how to become comfortable with the instrument as well, to ensure it is a rewarding experience. 

30 minutes = $35 

45 minutes = $50

60 minutes = $65

For these classes, half will be focused on warming up the vocal chords, and the other will be learning the fundamentals of singing a song with both vocal technique and performance quality. The students will be taught the anatomy of vocals and the importance of simple techniques such as how to breathe and where to sing from. 
30 minutes = $35
45 minutes = $50
60 minutes = $65

Mixing the two things I love most together. These classes will focus on playing and singing at the same time, aiding the student with skills on how to focus on both instruments during a performance. It is recommended that you have basic knowledge of both areas before taking this class.
45 minutes = $50
60 minutes = $65

** All classes are available for mobile and online services.

Please see 'Important Information' for travel fees (mobile lessons only). 

Term Dates

The weeks will be based off the NSW school term dates with some slight differences. Please see below.

Term 1

Monday 30th January 2023 - Thursday 6th April 2023

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Monday 24th April 2023 - Friday 30th June 2023

Monday 17th July 2023 - Friday 22nd September 2023

Monday 9th October 2023 - Friday 15th December 2023

My current availability is listed below. The green signifies the available time slots, with the red signifying those already taken.

Please note that the time slots are a rough guide; start and finishing times can shift depending on the distance from the prior or following lesson. 

These are likely to change by the term, as well as anytime a new lesson is booked and will be instantly updated with any changes. 

Current Timetable
Screen Shot 2023-07-04 at 5.07.15 pm.png

Enquiry Form

If you wish to enrol yourself or your child for the term, please download and complete the enquiry form below and email it to as soon as possible so we can schedule a time and preferred location.

Important Information

Services Available

As I am aware of parents having busy lives and not always being able to fulfil the desires of their children's interests, my tutoring services include mobile and online classes. This also means that if I am not in the same town as you I am able to take on your child online with your choice of platform.  It is essential that you have a quiet room for the duration of the lesson and the required instrument available.

Travel Fees

Travel fees will vary and depend on the time duration to the lesson location. Please see these below;

  • Travel under 15 minutes - no fee

  • Travel over 15 minutes - $5

  • Travel over 20 minutes - $10

Levels Provided

At the moment I am offering my services to both beginners and intermediate levels. If you have any concerns as to whether I would be the right fit for your child's skills, please don't hesitate to contact me as I will be happy to help them find them a better suited tutor if necessary.

Cancellation Policy

I ask that you give me a minimum of two hours’ notice if you need to cancel. In the event of a cancellation a make-up lesson will be arranged (please see information for these below). If a make-up lesson isn't able to be arranged, a refund will be made at the end of term.

Make Up Lessons

In the event that your child is sick or cannot make their class for a specific reason, a make-up lesson will be arranged. This make up lesson can be added to their next class if time permits or will be rescheduled to a time suited for both parties.

Payment Options

I am aware that everyone has different financial situations so I have offered a few different payment methods. On the enquiry form you will see the different ways you can make your payments.

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