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Below are just a few of the many people who have aided me in my journey as a musician. Without these people and their drive, passion and incredible visions I would not be where I am today. 

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Natasha Curley Designs

Graphic Designer

My talented friend Natasha Curley is the mastermind behind every design I have ever needed for my music. She began by designing the font for my first logo, which allowed me to launch myself as a music artist. She was also the designer who created both my single covers, and performed the photoshoot for my second single Sorry. Finally, as you can see to the left, she completed the final look for my rebranded logo. Natasha works tirelessly to ensure any project she is given isn't handed over until it has reached its full potential, and takes pride in her work no matter the time and effort required of her. I highly recommend her to anyone for any graphic design needs. 

M: 0403310542

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(Carlos Williams)

In mid 2020 the incredible Carlos Williams reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to collaborate with him for one of his tracks on his EP. I was very excited to accept, and our song Living on the Edge was born! 

Since then, Carlos and I have collaborated on two tracks on my EP 'Clarity', which he also mixed and mastered, and have some projects currently in the works! He has brought every vision I have had for my music to life and I never fear when I put my compositions into his hands. If you are just starting out, or have been in the music industry for a while, I recommend him for all your production, mixing and mastering! 

Find him on Facebook!

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Liam Blackall Photography


During my music degree I was lucky enough to meet Liam Blackall who has an incredible eye for detail. I wasted no time in asking him to do my photoshoot for my first single How Many Times, and I was incredibly thrilled with the result. He worked with me, constantly asking me what I had pictured in my head for the cover. Despite the miserable weather conditions that occurred that day, he produced some amazing images, one of which is shown to the left.

Liam was also our photographer during both our second and third year music concerts at the University, taking head shots and action shots, all the while still practising for his own performances. He has incredible work ethic, and I would ask him to be my photographer again in a heartbeat!

Find him on Instagram! 

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Animal Audio Wollongong

Recording Studio

Owned by Chris Peru

During July of 2020, I had the privilege of spending time in Animal Audio, recording my three songs How Many Times, Sorry and Sometimes. Chris Peruch was incredible at mentoring myself and my two friends as we recorded for the first time in a professional environment. At an amazing price, he produced my songs to a quality that was outstanding, and worked late into the night to ensure the result was the at the greatest potential possible. 

Chris enabled my dreams of releasing my own music to come true and I will be forever thankful for his guidance, kindness and professionalism over the three long but rewarding days. 

Find him on Facebook!

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Rachel Tidbury Music


(Rachel Tidbury)

This amazing vocalist has been such a light in my music career. From helping me in composition, performing my first original song onstage alongside me, to recording harmonies on my tracks late at night, she has given her all with whatever is asked of her. 

 She taught at the South Coast Music Camp for a few years, and grew up heavily involved in ensembles and show choirs, including Southern Stars Performing Company and ISER Performing Ensemble. She is constantly putting her hand up to perform with others, despite her busy schedule with her own music endeavours. 

Rachel is a common face around the Illawarra, performing her own personal gigs as well as being the lead singer in the band FiKa. Her jaw dropping vocals always win over her audience, and she is always somewhere to be seen on the South Coast.

She also runs her own tutoring business for vocals and if I am ever not able to take on a student, I would be more than happy to recommend her services!

It gives me so much joy to say I have had this incredible talent apart of my music career and I cannot wait to work with her more in the future.

Find her on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud!

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Jack Andrews



Jack has been a massive support in all of my music. He came into Animal Audio with me for an entire day and recorded all electric, acoustic and bass guitar tracks for my three songs in eight hours. He also did this for my final University music major project. 

He was the acoustic guitarist for my performance with Dynamics Performing Arts Studio in 2019, which was a dedication to my father. He also helped one of the studios HSC students in 2020, performing the acoustic guitar for her as well. He gave up his own time each week to go down to Albion Park to practise with us both, asking nothing in return. 

Jack also has a massive passion for sound installation. For our final University music major, he created an entire installation from children's toys, working tirelessly to create triggers into a music software program from scratch. His talents with audio production was also proven in our second year, when he created an entire song through audio engineering.

He has incredible work ethic and when he sets his mind to something its amazing what can happen.

Find him on Soundcloud! 

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Ricky Joseski


Ricky has also been an incredible support in my music career. 

He came into Animal Audio with me for an entire day and recorded every drum track for my three songs. He is the magic behind every drumbeat you can hear in my music and always delivers when I throw an idea his way.  

Ricky also helped to compose the beginning guitar line to my single Sometimes, allowing me to stay in his home studio late at night until we were happy with the composition. He has never failed to understand my vision for a song, and has given me helpful pointers to lead me in the correct path. 

Ricky's unique talent for composition was shown in our second year of University when he performed a drum solo that brought the house down. His composition for our graduation concert was also a crowd favourite and proved his growth over the 12 months.

I cannot wait to see where the music industry takes him! 

Find him on Soundcloud! 

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